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About FCPA

FCPA is the Florida Career Professionals Association. FCPA membership includes representatives from higher education institutions within the state, including public and private colleges and universities; community colleges; technical school career centers and co-operative education personnel, as well as industry employers who recruit on Florida campuses. FCPA helps build Florida’s workforce by promoting innovative internships, cooperative education, and career opportunities through partnerships among career professionals in education, government, and industry. 

FCPA was conceived in April 1965, during a meeting of career services directors at the University of South Florida. In 1987 FCPA merged with the Florida Cooperative Association to form one organization called the Florida Cooperative Education and Placement Association. In June 2001, the membership voted to change the name to the Florida Career Professionals Association in order to be more and reflective of the membership. The current membership consists of approximately 300 members including the majority of the state of Florida’s public and private colleges and universities as well as 33 different businesses and governmental organizations who recruit on these campuses. 

Our Commitment to Diversity
FCPA is committed to attaining a diverse membership and providing access to all programs and resources to individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender age, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability or appearance. FCPA encourages the recruitment and professional development of individuals from all underrepresented groups by continually developing, examining and instituting policies, practices and procedures to:

  • Achieve and promote a diverse and multicultural representation with its membership
  • Attain diversity at all levels of FCPA by supporting active recruitment, retention and promotion
  • Provide access to all conference, publications, educational services and employment
  • Serve as an advocate and resource for heightening awareness and accuracy of diversity issues, and the review of contractual and other business or programmatic activities for compliance with the spirit of this policy.

(FCPA’s commitment to diversity was passed by the general membership at the annual business meeting held on June 17, 1999 in Marco Island.)

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